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The Phillippo Baptist Church which was was erected in 1827,  is named after the eminent Baptist Missionary James Phillippo. He was very instrumental in the formation of Sligoville, the first free village formed in Jamaica for ex-slaves. He remained there for fifty years. Across the street lies his remains, and that of his daughter and wife.

Reverend Jeffrey Abington McKenzie is the current pastor of the church, a position he has held since 1995. He is a former past President of the Jamaica Baptist Union and have served on its executive for eight years.

Born in Maiden Hall, St. Mary, Rev. McKenzie attended the Wallingford Primary School. He attended several other schools which honed him for studies at the Tertiary Level. He commenced theological studies in 1967 at the Jamaica Bible Collage in Mandeville where he obtained a diploma in Biblical Studies.

The chapel is located at 9 William Street, Spanish Town.

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  Church Office Hours:


             8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


             Rev. Jeffrey A. McKenzie,

             M.A., L.TH., J.P.

Pastoral Assistants:

             Deacon Sylvester Tulloch

             Deacon Gilbert Stewart, J.P.


             Dr. Clover Jarrett

Church Secretary:

             Dea. Dorine Stewart


             Sis. Beverley Reid


Administrative Secretary

                Mrs. Donna Alexander


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